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How to organise an online fashion show with influencers and clients wearing your goods


Our virtual fashion show, where we will present our most recent line of clothing and accessories in a distinctive and captivating manner. A virtual fashion show, in our opinion, is the ideal way to promote our goods and establish relationships with both customers and influencers.

A larger audience can be reached by holding a virtual fashion show because it can be watched by anyone with an internet connection. A sense of community and engagement around the brand can also be built by involving influencers and clients.

The virtual fashion show will feature a variety of influencers representing different demographics, each with their own distinct audience and fashion sense, to demonstrate the various ways the products can be worn and styled.

In addition, customers will be invited to submit pictures or videos of themselves wearing the products to take part in the show, providing an honest and relatable view of the products and how they fit into daily life for the audience.

The right influencers will be chosen to take part in the show based on important criteria. First, reach will be examined, and influencers with a sizable, active following that reflects the target market will be chosen.

Second, engagement will be looked at, with influencers who have a track record of receiving lots of likes, comments, and shares for their posts being selected.

Third, brand alignment will be considered, with influencers whose individual preferences, beliefs, and pursuits are compatible with the brand being preferred.

Diversity and inclusivity of the influencers and their audience will also be taken into account, along with their prior collaborations and brand partnerships, to ensure they can add value to the virtual fashion show.

A diverse group of influencers with a large, engaged, and relevant audience who are a good fit for the brand will be chosen using these criteria, maximizing the potential for engagement and reach during the virtual fashion show. The success of the virtual fashion show depends on choosing the right influencers to take part.

Participation of the client:

It is believed by the company that involving customers in the virtual fashion show by submitting pictures or videos of themselves wearing the products is an essential component to present the products in a genuine and relatable manner.

Customers are invited to participate in the show by following some steps. First, they should take a picture or video wearing one of the products and make sure that the product is visible and the image or video is clear and well-lit.

Then, they should share the image or video on their social media platforms along with the hashtag provided by the company and a mention of the company's account(s). Next, they should fill out a form on the company's website with the URL of their post and some basic personal information.

Finally, the company's team will review the submissions and determine which ones will be used for the online fashion show. The company will encourage customer participation through its website, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns to increase engagement, foster a sense of community, and provide a relatable perspective on the products.

The virtual fashion show will feature a previously recorded video that will be streamed live on the company's website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel. The video will be divided into three parts, including brief introductions of the host, the show, and the goal of the virtual fashion show.

The second segment will feature the company's carefully chosen influencers as the models for their collection. The influencers will also provide their own personal styling advice and suggestions as they walk the runway in the company's clothes.

Separate segments of the video will showcase aspects of the collection and the customer submissions. The company believes that involving customers in this way will provide a real-world perspective on their products, increase interest in the virtual fashion show, and boost engagement.

Customer segment:

The virtual fashion show will feature a slideshow of selected customer submissions, showcasing them wearing the company's products in real-world settings. This approach aims to provide viewers with a relatable and genuine view of the products.

During the show, a live Q and A session will be available for viewers to participate in via social media or the live chat feature. The company will also reveal special discounts and giveaways as an added incentive for viewers to tune in live.

The program will conclude with a segment that includes a thank-you to the audience, influencers, and customers, along with information about upcoming events.

To ensure a dynamic and engaging experience, the company plans to incorporate a mix of live and recorded video, using top-notch video and audio production, expert lighting, and makeup. Interactive features like polls and quizzes will also be utilized to keep viewers interested throughout the stream.

The company has developed a comprehensive promotion strategy to maximize the reach of the virtual fashion show. This strategy includes leveraging social media and email marketing, as well as partnering with influencers and other businesses to promote the event.

Using Social media:

The virtual fashion show will be promoted through various channels to reach a wider audience. Social media accounts will be utilized to create posts, Instagram stories, and IGTV videos to generate interest and engagement leading up to the broadcast. Collaborations with selected influencers will also be made to help promote the show on their social media pages and reach their sizable followers.

Email marketing will be utilized to inform subscribers of the show's date, time, and participation requirements. Furthermore, collaborations with chosen influencers will be fostered to promote the show and develop exclusive content that will be shared on both their and the host's social media accounts. Collaborations with other brands in the fashion sector will also be pursued to expand the show's reach and foster a sense of community.

To improve the show's visibility, paid promotion campaigns will be run on social media and Google. A website banner will also be added to promote the show and provide the audience with all the necessary information. On the day of the show, reminder messages with the live stream link will be sent out to maintain audience engagement.

The combination of these promotion strategies is expected to attract a sizable and engaged audience, generate interest and engagement, and ultimately increase the number of viewers for the virtual fashion show.

Day of the show:

A thorough plan is in place to ensure that everything goes according to plan on the day of the virtual fashion show, which is a significant event for the brand. The schedule for the day of the performance is broken down as follows:


The following times will be used for the live streaming of the show on the website, social media pages, and YouTube channel

5 minutes for introduction

20 minutes for the influencer segment.

10 minutes for a customer segment.

15 minutes for Q/A

5 minutes for Promotional offers.

The show's hosting will be overseen by a qualified emcee who has experience in hosting live events and is familiar with the brand. The emcee will be responsible for providing introductions to each segment, directing the show, and engaging the audience throughout.

To encourage audience participation during the show, a live chat feature will be available on the brand's website, social media pages, and YouTube channel. Viewers will be able to submit their questions through social media or live chat, and the emcee will respond to them during the Q and A session.

A specialized technical support team will be on standby during the event to ensure that the live stream runs smoothly and to handle any technical difficulties that may arise.

Following the show, a survey will be sent out to the audience, influencers, and clients to gather feedback on the event and identify areas where improvements can be made. Any issues or concerns raised by the audience, influencers, or clients will be addressed.

Rewards and acclaim Session:

The audience will be thanked for their participation in the show through a social media post or email.

A post-show survey will be sent to all audience members to gather feedback on their experience and to gather suggestions for improvement. This feedback will be analyzed to identify areas where the show can be improved.

Discounts or other special offers will be provided to the audience as a thank-you for their participation and support. These will be communicated via social media or email marketing to ensure maximum reach.

Finally, we will also establish a long-term relationship with our stakeholders, including clients and influencers, to maintain engagement and foster a sense of community. We will keep them informed of any upcoming events, exclusive offers, and other opportunities that may interest them, thus ensuring that they remain invested in our brand.

Survey Time:

A survey will be distributed to the audience, influencers, and clients to get feedback on the show. The survey will ask about the show's overall experience, format, and content, as well as offer suggestions for future improvements.

Exclusive discounts will be provided to audience members, influencers, and customers as a show of appreciation for their participation and support.

In order to discuss potential future partnerships and obtain feedback on the show, the chosen influencers will be contacted.

Clients who submitted images or videos will be contacted in the future to express gratitude for their participation and obtain feedback.

Viewers who spoke with the hosts on stage or submitted questions for the Q&A will be contacted after the show.

Specific social media posts, Instagram stories, and IGTV videos will be made to thank the audience, influencers, and customers for their participation and support, as well as to share highlights from the show.

It is believed that by following up with influencers, clients, and audience members in this manner, sustained engagement can be achieved, insightful feedback can be collected, and enduring relationships with important stakeholders can be created. Upcoming performances and events will benefit as well.


In conclusion, the virtual fashion show offers a unique way for the brand to showcase its latest line of clothing and accessories while engaging with its audience and influencers.

The strategy involves selecting a diverse group of influencers with a significant and engaged following that aligns with the target market, inviting customers to submit pictures or videos of themselves wearing the brand's products, streaming a pre-recorded video on the website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel, and using various marketing tactics such as social media and email marketing.

By involving customers and influencers, the brand hopes to create an authentic and relatable view of its products and generate interest in the virtual fashion show. The audience is invited to participate, learn more about the brand, and see its latest collection.

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